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On a whim, Jillian accepts a date with Garrett which unleashes her passionate wild side and turns her boring life topsy-turvy. He masks his true identity as their personalities come together igniting their relationship into a blazing inferno. Slowly, Jillian learns to trust Garrett and open her heart, while he works to detangle himself from his web of lies. When she discovers his true identity, her hopes are disintegrated. Can Garrett rebuild what he has destroyed? Or has Jillian hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her heart forever?

Also available in e-book format from Resplendence Publishing and Fictionwise
Read excerpt here


As a highly trained member of an exclusive S.W.A.T. team Christian Kilmore thought he’d seen everything his job had to offer. Until the night he rappelled into a suspected drug house and landed on top of a soft, naked woman.

Available from Red Rose Publishing - Read excerpt here


Emily Garrett has spent her life searching for the perfect job in her one-horse town. On the day of her much-anticipated interview, she finds herself stuck in a traffic jam. But a quick trip to the Caribbean--courtesy of a quick nap--has her waking up to a handsome stranger. Jason Scott sure is glad the beautiful woman in the car isn't dead.

After introducing himself he invites her to a game of darts. But things get really interesting when he raises the stakes. Will Emily accept the challenge? Or will she remain stuck in traffic and trapped in her mundane life?

Available from Echelon Press - Read excerpt here

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