Excerpt from Lillies and Lies

         It could have been the champagne, but Erin's words seemed to strike a cord. Yes, she did need to take a chance in life. Live on the edge, have mind-blowing sex with a stranger.

         Then, as if they’d rehearsed it, hunky coffee-guy waltzed into her shop.

         "I'll show you spontaneity." Standing on her tip-toes, Jillian wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, and leaned in close to his lips then planted a kiss on his mouth.

         She drew her tongue across the fullness of his lower lip. Jillian didn’t know what to expect, but the current of her body touching his was a luxurious indulgence. God, he tasted like liquid chocolate. YUM!

         Jillian stepped away and looked to her wide-eyed friend. "Now how's that for living by the seat of my red thong?"

         Erin froze, with a what the--? question on her face. "Jill, do you know this guy?"

         Jillian had officially shaken up her nothing-could-surprise-me best friend. Which was a first. "I've never seen him before in my life." She could hardly tease without a smile.

         Jillian turned back to Garrett. He had quite the smirk on his face. "I brought you some condoms," he said.

Lillies and Lies will be available March 24th from
Resplendence Publishing.

Excerpt from Lord Kilmore

         He landed on his feet and dropped the cord. He had no time to brush free the two hundred year-old glass that had shattered. No doubt, even through his protective gear, he'd find glass slivers in his underwear.

         Through special eyewear he quickly panned his surroundings, while he secured his weapon with both hands.

         One long dresser with several framed pictures. A treadmill without clothes flung over the bars, a neatly made queen size bed and fresh white flowers in an ornate glass vase.

         Tidy meth lab? Very Odd.

         A snow-white cat with a bling bling collar that spelled Duchess pounced on his feet. Meth labs generally didn't have cats. Mean, Rottweilers, yes, but cats named Duchess . . . things were getting weird.

         Classical, serene music softly drifted through the room, along with a light cinnamon fragrance. The bedside table held a crystal wine glass, half full, a small birthday cake with three candles, and an unopened present.

         "One. Room secure." A team member informed from the basement of the Victorian.

         Unopened present. Possible bomb? Possible set up.

         Oh Jesus. Official cluster bomb indeed. Alert, team, now.

         In his peripheral, he caught the slightest of movements. Christian turned his body and aimed his weapon. His adrenaline zinged into overdrive, and his heart beat out of his chest.

         A woman appeared.

         Er . . . make that a naked woman. Umm, on second thought, make that a naked, very hot woman.

Lord Kilmore is available in downloadable form from
Red Rose Publishing.

Excerpt from Traffic Jam

         The next game Emily threw three darts, receiving four points. Jason threw one dart and beat her again.

         Jeez. She really stunk.

         Note to self. Play more darts. Because if this opportunity ever presents itself again, it would be nice not to totally get creamed.

         "Last game, winner takes all." Jason pulled the dart from the cork. "This time, one dart, closest to the bulls-eye wins."

         Emily nodded. Then closed her eyes and imagined having lunch with him. She could almost imagine him laughing at her hilarious tales of growing up with seven brothers.

         On second thought, forget the stories. The only people who thought they were funny were her family. And sometimes her family was crazy.

         She opened her eyes, cocked her arm, and threw her dart.


         It landed in the cork outside the scoring circle. Jason would have to close his eyes, throw with his wrong hand, or fumble over his feet not to beat her.

Tarffic Jam is available in downloadable form from
Echelon Press.